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SEO Audit Service

Unlock Your Website’s Full Potential with a Comprehensive SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit services provide an in-depth analysis of your website’s performance, identifying areas for improvement and offering actionable insights to boost your search engine rankings.

What Do Our SEO Audit Services Cover?

We identify SEO issues affecting your rankings and deliver a comprehensive SEO audit report with actionable recommendations.

On-page SEO audit

A comprehensive analysis to improve visibility and user engagement by optimizing each page for target keywords.


  • Meta Tags Analysis: Evaluation of title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.
  • Content Quality: Assessment of relevance, uniqueness, and keyword usage.
  • Internal Linking: Review and optimization of internal link structure.
  • Keyword Optimization: Analysis of keyword placement and density.
  • User Engagement: Recommendations to enhance user experience and reduce bounce rates.

Off-page SEO audit

Strengthens online presence through high-quality backlinks and social signals.


  • Backlink Profile: Evaluation of backlink quality and quantity.
  • Social Signals: Analysis of social media presence and engagement.
  • Domain Authority: Assessment of site authority and trustworthiness.
  • Competitor Analysis: Comparison with competitor backlink profiles.
  • Link-Building Strategies: Recommendations for acquiring high-quality backlinks.

Technical SEO audit

Ensures search engines can efficiently crawl and index your site by addressing technical obstacles.


  • Site Architecture: Examination of URL structure, navigation, and hierarchy.
  • Mobile-Friendliness: Check for responsiveness and usability on mobile devices.
  • Site Speed: Analysis and optimization of load times.
  • Crawl Errors: Identification and fixing of issues that prevent crawling.
  • Indexing Issues: Ensuring all site pages are properly indexed.

SEO Report

Provides a detailed overview of audit findings and actionable recommendations for improvement.


  • Findings Summary: Overview of audit results and issues.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Detailed optimization steps.
  • Performance Metrics: Key metrics and KPIs for tracking progress.
  • Long-term Strategy: Strategic planning for sustained SEO improvement.
  • Customized Insights: Tailored advice based on specific business needs.

Some Signs Your Website Needs an SEO Audit

  • Slow Load Times: Pages taking too long to load.
  • High Bounce Rates: Users leaving your site quickly.
  • Declining Traffic: A steady drop in visitor numbers.
  • Outdated Content: Information that is no longer relevant or engaging.
  • Broken Links: Non-functional links affecting user experience.
  • Security Issues: Lack of HTTPS, leading to security warnings.
  • Poor Mobile Optimization: Your site isn’t mobile-friendly.
  • Low Search Rankings: Falling behind competitors in search results.
  • Inconsistent Branding: Misaligned messaging and design elements.

Complete SEO Audit for Small Business

Technical SEO audit (up to 20 pages)

On-page SEO review (up to 20 pages)

Basic keyword analysis (up to 20 keywords)

Local SEO check

Competitor analysis (up to 3 competitors)

Comprehensive SEO Audit for Medium Business

Complete small business audit (up to 50 pages)

Advanced keyword analysis (up to 50 keywords)

Backlink audit

Mobile optimization review

Site speed analysis

Competitor analysis (up to 5 competitors)

Enterprise SEO Audit

Comprehensive medium business audit (up to 100 pages)

In-depth competitor analysis (up to 10 competitors)

Content gap analysis

Technical SEO deep dive

Custom strategy recommendations

Implementation support

Ready to Fix Your SEO Issues?

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